Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flying away

I am flying away
only to return to the nest soon
your nest will never be empty again
I will fly around and tell you
The splendour of the unseen
not worthier than the splendour of yonder
I will read all the written
And tell you the unwritten
is better than the written
I will fly away missing you
As though I have missed my wings behind
And I will not crashland
As I have to return to the nest
Won't you be waiting?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Embargoes and curfews
Yesterday isn't today
Even in Super Max cells
They steal in and steal out
Then, I am the incarcerated soul
who is devoid of the simple pleasures of life.

Black hole

I hit a black hole
I wish I heard the thud in the bottomless pit
All I heard was the sound of silence
worse than the future

Robot who writes poetry?

Robot who writes poetry?
With control buttons that cut the passion
Most of the time muted, to avoid the mutiny
Like a chef who takes the order,
rare, medium or well done?

One upon zero

I've been given a puzzle to solve,
One up on zero
So that I am engaged to infinity.

I got to migrate

Faceless names and nameless faces
Fill my empty space,
icy wind and pricey stint
space me out.
To find solace
I got to migrate
to a heartless country

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Polished boots and plastic smile
Branded shirts and concelaed viles
The mercenary is dressed to sell
with an attitude that doesn't gel
Missed are the groans and grunts
of a desperate soul
as drudgeric as a rosary bead!