Sunday, February 28, 2010

Inquilab Zindabad!

CPM 'spontaneously' walks out during the budget! A spontaneity that is shared with the BJP; Congress walks out in Gujarat...... am not a politician....... but u don't need to be a politician to acknowledge what Manmohan Singh did (is doing) for the country, Narendra Modi for Gujarat (sans his fanaticism), Naveen Patnaik for Orissa , Sheila Dixit for Delhi and the latest to join the gang, Nitish Kumar in Bihar(would you believe, the fastest growing state in the country!). All of them have one thing in common- except their politics- economic development on their agenda. Is it any wonder, all of them defied the anti incumbency law? Coming back to power for a 2nd or 3rd term............. that's the power of the people..... people told the sena ‘Enough is enough ‘ to the ban on “My name is Khan".. When will my country men say enough is enough (Mallu brethren). Noku kuli, bandh, smart stall... Thomas Isaac, the Keynesian Finance minister is going to present his budget. Keynes, Adam Smith, Thakazhi , all of them will come to his aid for presenting an eminently listenable, readable budget. I hear that he is going to present a green budget. The red minister’s green budget. Adding one more feather to the much debated, venerated Kerala model of development- that proved to be an absolute fallacy. A social development comparable to that of the most developed countries in the world. Yet the suicide rates are also among the highest. A social development without economic development is not sustainable. Kerala doesn’t starve because of our poor kith and kin toiling in the Middle East and other countries. The see-saw governance by the left and the right for more than 50 years has systematically bled the state. Is it time we said, ‘Inquilab Zindabad’- of a different kind?