Thursday, June 17, 2010

My parched soul

I want to dance in the rain
But my limbs are numb
I want to sing in the rain
But my chords are frozen
I want to portray the rain
But my hands are stiff
My dance is an epileptic feat
My song is a croak melody
My canvas is a beggar’s rag
Even the rains don’t have mercy
On my parched soul

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monsoon June

Words could be cruel
Like the monsoon June
Pulverising the earth
Macerating the mind
Yet the nano molecules
Could integrate in a song
A song of love
Love for the beloved
“Wanton , irksome, unsolicited,
This too shall pass is an impasse”
And the song is incessant
Like the monsoon June

VC June 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lord you loved me to the last!

Lord I feel tender in your arms
and hinder all my cares
Lord , I felt so scared.
They abandoned me
Ninety nine of them
In gay abandon
My tendons were bruised
And I couldn’t walk
I couldn’t see
I couldn’t cry
Nobody could ever hear me
You heard me
You saw me
You walked to me
You tended me
And I cried at last!
You loved me to the last
That you even risked ninety nine for me?
That doesn’t fit into my kindergarten maths
It defies law of averages
A warm drop I felt on my face
I looked up and saw your swelling eyes
And your bleeding hands
I felt your tight hug
You holding me
Holding on to me?
Considering the ultimate abandon?
The buddies, the healed , the hand picked,
At that desperate moment even
own Father ,synonym of love
will let you go?????
Lord, you loved me to the last
That you risked ninety nine for me!

VC -7/6/2010